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          Established in 1964 as a world class supplier of Precision Machined Components to the Medical, Electronic, Aerospace, Defense and other industries.

Quality Policy: Committed to Complete and Continuous Customer Confidence

ISO 9001 :2000 Registered

Utilizing CNC, Cam and Manual Machinery to produce on time high quality parts such as:

Pins     Shafts      Rods      Spindles      Posts      Axles      Standoffs      Inserts      Retainers         Bushings      Spacers      Sleeves      Rollers      Rings      Connectors and Specialty Fasteners (screws, bolts, rivets, nuts, washers ect...)

     Our specialty is Escomatic and Swiss type Screw Machined Parts . We have 20 CNC Swiss Type Screw machines, 16 CNC & Cam Escomatic Screw Machines, 10 CNC Turning Centers and 10 CNC Machining Centers. In addition we have numerous Secondary operation machines including thread rolling that we use to complete the most demanding parts. Some of the materials we machine are :

Stainless Steels    Alloy Steels     Carbon Steels     Aluminum Alloys     Copper and Brass Alloys Titanium              Kovar              Nickel Alloys     High Temp Alloys    Specialty Alloys          Plastics

1401 West Broadway, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55411 Phone 612-521-9231 Fax 612-521-0107 Email jamesk@prestige-products.com